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Aunt Sarah Knapp's Collection, Part 5:

Aunt Sara Knapp's Negatives

These images derive from celluloid negatives which were found among the genealogical materials of Aunt Sarah Knapp, sister of Della Knapp Cahalan, the wife of John C. Cahalan, Jr.. From her, they had passed to her niece, Ann Marie Cahalan Sullivan.


The set of pictures, taken at different times and in various places, show members of the Knapp family and Della's children; the ages of the children would seem to indicate that the collection as a whole dates from around 1917 and 1918. All were bundled together in a box that one held thank-you notes.

Only a few prints of these images seem to have survived, leading to the supposition that, for whatever reason, most were never developed. To make the current images, I scanned them and reversed the black-white polarity, making 'positive' images from them. They are not perfect, Many of the negatives are warped with age--which is why bubble-shaped clouds and dark areas appear on nearly all of them here. 

Numbered in the order in which they were scanned, this group includes several photographs in which figures have been identified; that information is included in the captions to the images. The originals were scanned and converted on September 9th, 2007, and are filed under that date. They have not been re-scanned at a higher definition, as other images on this site have, for this upload, since their quality is poor and rescanning them would probably not have yielded any significant improvement or further information.

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