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Classroom and Baby Pictures

Found in a wicker suitcase owned by Catherine Cahalan, John C. Cahalan's last surviving child, these photographs are classroom photographs that no doubt contain pictures of these siblings (though identifying them is very difficult), as well as a few other pictures, of the infant Catherine and of Joyce van Alstyne, who must have been the daughter of a family friend.


The pictures are datable to no later then 1912 or 1914, when Catherine, the youngest in the family, would even 9. After Catherine's death in 1985, the suitcase that contained these pictures went to Ann Marie Cahalan, Catherine's nice, and from Ann Marie to my grandfather, Joseph Cahalan, MD.

Numbered in the order in which they were originally scanned--a indicates the face, or obverse, of the photo, and b indicates its reverse--the collection includes two photographs in which figures have been identified; that information is included in the captions to the images. The originals were first grouped and scanned on April 14th, 2008, and have been filed under that date; they were re-scanned at a higher definition for this upload. 

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