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Joseph Cahalan's Photographs, Part 8:

Ann Marie Cahalan Sullivan's Wedding, 1956

These images are from a collection of loose photographs and memorabilia, kept in a cardboard box by my grandfather, Joseph Cahalan, MD.

This group, unlike nearly all the others, can be dated precisely: it's the 1956 wedding of Ann Marie Cahalan and Leo Sullivan.  The date of development is stamped on the back of every photo. There is also--for no reason I can tell--a stray picture here from about a month later in that same year, of Ann Marie's mother, Della Knapp Cahalan, outside of St. Patrick's Church.

Numbered in the order in which they were scanned--a indicates the face, or obverse, of the photo, and b indicates its reverse (if information was to be found there)--this group includes several photographs which have been identified; that information is included in the captions to the images. The originals were first grouped and scanned on August 19th, 2007, and are filed under that date. They have been re-scanned at a higher definition for this upload.

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