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From the time the Cahalans landed in Michigan, whether in Wyandotte or the Hubbardston/Ionia area, they have been documenting their lives through photographs. (We have nothing from before immigration, though that remains a possibility to be explored.) 


The family is lucky to have kept a large collection these photographs together in a good state of preservation for much of the past century and a half, and what's shown here is, I believe, the majority collection. Not every family member or friend is identifiable--and there are some wonderful, tantalizing mysteries here--but, taken as a whole, they tell our story.

On this page, I've listed the photographs grouped in three ways: 

  • by topics or types of images, such as children, graduation or education-related photos, or shots of 100 Orange Street itself; this entails some overlapping or duplication of images among folders;

  • by subject, as best as everyone can be identified, in case someone is looking for a specific family member; and

  • by year, to my best guess--but please remember that this is approximate.

The work of organizing this site, and of organizing the pictures and identifying those in them, will be ongoing and updated as time and opportunity allow.

On another page (titled Photographs 2), I've listed them the way I originally had them organized, by their source and by the order in which I originally scanned them.

All of the images here are numbered, in the order in which they were scanned (so lower numbers are not necessarily earlier pictures: this was just a device to keep them organized); some numbers are missing due to repeated prints of the same image that I left out to avoid unnecessary duplication when I uploaded them; and physical copies of all of the photographs, as well as some of the printed ephemera that came with them, are filed in the order they're listed, under the dates on which they were scanned.  This, too is just an organizational device.  I explain this further on the second Photographs page.

If you'd like a high-resolution of any particular image, please email me, and--while I have you here--I'd also like to make a plea:

If you have scans of additional material, or want me to scan your pictures for you, please contact me at my email address: It's my hope to give everyone in the family access to everything that survives. Thanks!

As usual, any errors in attribution are mine, and I'm always happy to hear corrections, comments, guesses or suggestions.


Photographs by approximate year:


1852     1855

1860     1864     1865     1867

1874     1879

1880     1882     1886     1887     1889

1891     1892     1893     1896     1897     1899

1901     1902     1903     1905     1906     1907     1909

1910     1911     1913     1916     1917     1918     1919     

1920     1921     1923     1925     1927     1928     

1930     1931     1932     1933     1935     1937     1939

1940     1943     1945     

1955     1956     1957


Photographs, by topic, chronologically:

Formal family portraits. (This is a good place to start to get oriented.)

Pictures of 100 Orange Street.

Immigrants. (James and Mary Mulfahey Cahalan.)

The first family. (Pictures of the first generation of Cahalans in Wyandotte.)

Children: the second generation. (Pictures of the children of John C. Cahalan Sr. and Anna Hogan Cahalan.)

The summer off 1917 and 1918. (Sarah Knapp's photographs of the children of John C. Cahalan Jr. and Della Knapp Cahalan, at their home at 415 Maple Street.)

School and graduation pictures.

St. Patrick's Church and School.

Leo's road trip, 1927-8.

A trip to Europe, 1925

Vacation photographs.

Photographs by subject:(Coming soon!)

Cahalan, Anna Hogan

Cahalan, Catherine

Cahalan, Della Knapp

Cahalan, Elizabeth Kelly

Cahalan, Fr. James

Cahalan, James Emmett

Cahalan, James (III)

Cahalan, James MD

Cahalan, John C. (III)

Cahalan, John C. Jr.

Cahalan, John C. Sr.

Cahalan, Joseph

Cahalan, Lawrence

Cahalan, Marion

Cahalan, Mary Ellen

Cahalan, Mary Mulfahey

Cahalan, Richard (I)

Cahalan, Richard (III)

Cahalan, Richard MD

Cahalan, Ursula O'Connell

Cahalan, William Leo, Sr.

Cahill Brothers

DePreiter, Fr. Charles Louis

Fairman, Marcia Knapp


Harvey, Marguerite

Harvey, Mrs. William Sr.

Harvey, William Jr.

Harvey, William, Sr.

Hewson, Will and Harry

Hogan, John

Jackson, Fr. Bryce

Jackson, T.E. Howard

Kay, Ann

Knapp, Benjamin Fairchild

Knapp, Hattie Weise

Knapp, Joseph Goodman

Knapp, Sarah

Laue (Lane?), Ellen Marie


McInerney, Florence

McInerney, John R.

Noble, Bert & Willie, and Mother

Noble, Mary Knapp

Noble, Ned

Norton, Catherine Cahalan

Pattee, Sarah Ann

Rouse, Harry Goodman

Rouse, Nettie Knapp

Schroeder, Evelyn Cahalan

Sullivan, Ann Marie Cahalan

Sullivan Leo

Van Alstyne, Joyce

Weise, Dorothea Schmeedeknecht

Williams, Sarah Noble

Unidentified Boy 1

Unidentified Boy 2

Unidentified Couple 1

Unidentified Couple 2

Unidentified Man 1

Unidentified Man 2

Unidentified Man 3

Unidentified Man 4

Unidentified Man 5

Unidentified Man 6

The Unknown Man

For the moment--while pictures are being organized--please click on this blot to go to the original Photographs page.

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