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Resource: The family of William Leo Cahalan, Sr, compiled by William Leo Cahalan, Jr.

Found among the family papers of my grandfather, Joseph Cahalan MD, this is a handwritten list of names and dates of the descendants of John C. Cahalan Sr's son, William Leo Cahalan Sr., compiled by his son, William Leo Cahalan, Jr.​  It seems to have been written in the early 1980's, since the dates are complete through about 1984. Leo leaves the final section of the information, the descendants of John C. Cahalan Jr. (his uncle) incomplete, though it's not clear why he included it in the first place, since this is a different branch of the family.

This list is significant since it provides information about the Cahalan family's links to the Mahan, Mercier and Connors families. 

The list, on a  single sheet of 8.5 by 17" legal paper, is too long for my home scanner, so it's been scanned in two overlapping images, below  Also included is a scan of the envelope from Leo, with his return address, in which it was filed.

WL Cahalan Info a.jpg
WL Cahalan Info b.jpg
WL Cahalan Info c.jpg

Leo and my grandfather were good friends; Leo here has joking included Joseph's birth year, 1915, on the envelope with his name.

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