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The House on Biddle, 1957 & 1970

Found grouped together in a wicker suitcase owned by Catherine Cahalan, John C. Cahalan's last surviving child, these photographs are shots of the house to which Richard Cahalan II and his sisters Marion and Catherine Cahalan moved after the sale of 100 Orange Street to the Pallottine Fathers. Most are dated August, 1957; one is dated November, 1957 and so seems to be from Thanksgiving later that year, and one is a shot of the house in June of 1970.  One shows a family gathering but is undated, and nearly all of them are pictures of the three siblings and the furniture that came from the old house. After Catherine's death in 1985, the suitcase that contained these pictures went to Ann Marie Cahalan, Catherine's nice, and from Ann Marie to my grandfather, Joseph Cahalan, MD.

Numbered in the order in which they were originally scanned--a indicates the face, or obverse, of the photo, and b indicates its reverse--the collection includes several photographs in which figures have been identified; that information is included in the captions to the images. The originals were first grouped and scanned on April 12th, 2008, and have been filed under that date; they were re-scanned at a higher definition for this upload.  Some originally unscanned photographs have been give a letter designation, but they are in sequence with this set and are filed with them.

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