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Join the Reunion!

Just a few quick things to mention now that the site has been announced and family members--and others!--are checking it out.

Please do sign up for the blog. It's how I'll communicate about new features and additions to the site, and to publicize new discoveries. (A new entry will be forthcoming about the Cahalan Subdivision, in Detroit, which Robert Cahalan has recently sent me information about.)

I apologize if I've jumped the gun, but many of the links on the site--as well as text that will be linked to documents and photos--don't yet work. Not only will more material (particularly photographs) be added soon, but some 'in-filling' in the Narratives and Biographies section will also take place. The beauty of a web site is that it allows us all to have access while the project is still in process, so expect changes and check back often!

Please forward the site link to as many family members as you can--the more the better!--and feel free to respond or email (


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