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The Summer Project!


I'm very happy to let everyone know that all of the Cahalan family photographs I have are now scanned at 600 dpi, which makes them easily printable, should anyone want a copy (download them from the site or email me at, and they've all been uploaded to the site, as organized as I can group them at the moment. I've numbered them (there are over 825 so far!) for identification, and will be working with the information available on hand and online to present them in their best arrangement.

At the moment, pictures are uploaded in groups as they were scanned when I first organized them by subject or event, according to the source from which they came to me. I've also separated them by subject (who or what's shown), and by approximate year. Eventually I hope to move the current arrangement 'to the background' and instead arrange the images in a more narrative--and more enjoyable--format. Look for updates--as well as a few pictures that might have escaped my notice--soon!

Photographs are located at, and the site itself, incomplete but growing, is at

Comments and suggestions are always welcome, and while I've been careful to identify everyone I can in all of the pictures, please feel free to let me know if you see errors, or can provide any help with who's who.

Also, if you'd like me to scan your family's pictures and add them to the site, I'd be delighted to do so. Please get in touch; it's my hope that eventually, everyone will have access to everything.

Please also send this to others in the family and encourage them to sign up. I promise not to bury us with newsletters, but it would help the site and be a lot of fun if we could have a big group of us involved.



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1 Comment

Feb 19, 2020


Sue Amiot made me aware of your website. I think you have done a wonderful job and your future plans will only improve it.

I have been working on the Mix Family History. My mother, Cecilia Melody's family has many Cahalans. I have an Ancestry account and would like to share it with you. I have not done as much work on the Melody family as on the Mix family, but there is some information you might take a look at. If you would like me to share the site with you, please let me know. I am going to copy this and send it in email format to you.

Janet Mix Bobby

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